Flat Crickets in Times Square

our most recent visiting flat crickets


A blogger made a link from her page to my Times Square pictures page and blogged that she was using it to show her daughter pictures of Times Square so she could better picture the setting of the book A Cricket in Times Square that they were reading. 

That got me thinking.  I wondered if there were any people who were reading the book who would be interested in sending a Flat Stanley-type flat cricket to tour the real Times Square.  So I googled Flat Stanley and Cricket in Times Square and found a 3rd grade class in North Carolina who had just had a Flat Stanley visit the classroom with one of the students and it had inspired all the kids to start reading the Flat Stanley book series and then in the next paragraph the teacher mentioned that they were about to start reading A Cricket in Times Square.  I couldn't believe it - a perfect fit for what I was looking for.  So I contacted the teacher and offered to host a class set of flat crickets to take to Times Square with us and they were up for it!

So, this week 18 cute little crickets arrived in the mail.  We loved how different they all looked.

So we took them with us first to The Martha Stewart Show taping and then to Times Square and to the Train and Subway stations.  Here are a few of the pictures.  I was raining all day yesterday and so we weren't able to get the best pictures and we weren't able to find a good new stand place that wasn't overrun with people.

Click on each thumbnail to see all the other crickets in Times Square




oops!  didn't notice that this cricket was upside down until I downloaded the pictures

click on each thumbnail to view the other crickets in the underground train station




News Stand in the Subway

News Stand on the streets

If anyone else is ever interested in sending a flat cricket to Times Square or any other flat that would like to go to a specific NYC place, then email me and I'll let you know if I'm headed that way anytime soon.