I saw this genetics experiment activity on School For Us and we decided to try it out.  Instead of flipping coins though, Ethan and I each had 2 cards - one said dominant and the other said recessive.  We each chose either dominant or recessive each time and presented our card to the other person and then discovered from the chart which trait our "person" would have.  We made a mom, a dad and then used those traits to make a kid.


Pass the Genes, Please

Help Find Alien Baby George's Parents

We worked on Punnett Squares and used the clues to figure out to which alien parents little lost George belonged.

Punnetts and Pedigrees

Punnett Square Activity

Genetics with a Smile

Monster Inc Punnett Square

Monster Inc Genetics

Monster Match - we had fun playing around with this

Ethan and I each made up a female monster and a male monster with chosen traits from the chart on this page .  We then traded our males to match up with our females and see what their babies would look like if they had children monsters together.  It was a lot of fun!  We want to do more with this project.  We're thinking of making an online "monster bride" shop where others can play along with us and discover what the babies might look like.

Sponge Bob Genetics What happens when SpongeBob SquarePants marries SpongeSusie RoundPants? Explore the genetics of Sponge Bob and his pals with this fun worksheet! An answer key is provided!

Sponge Bob Genetics 2 A second helping of Bikini Bottom fun exploring the genetics of SpongeBob and his pals!

Dragon Genetics

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I just found this cat poster which shows some the possibilities for eye color, fur color, paw color, etc for each type of cat.  I think this would be great to use with animal lovers when studying genetics.  It's a printable poster.