Behind the Scenes at Good Morning America

We requested tickets a couple of weeks ago to be in the audience of the Good Morning Show and were given tickets for the December 10th show and yesterday was the day.  Yippee!!  Unfortunately, we had to get up at 3:15 am in order to make it into New York City and be in line outside the Good Morning America studio on Times Square by 5:45 am. to be able to be at the front of the line. It was so cold!!  We ended up having to wait in line outside until 7:30 but, at least by being on Times Square, there was lots to see.  Always lots going on there no matter what time of day it is.  It looks like it is daytime in the picture but it is really just because of all of the lights on Times Square.

empty streets

Up above where we were standing is the room where they do the news.  The room we got to go in is the downstairs room and is where they do the fun segments.  We got to watch them get the room all set up and decorated for the day's taping.

We posted on the Flat Stanley Homeschool yahoo group that we were going and offered to take some flats and to try to get them on TV.  These are the ones who came with us.

While waiting, we got to watch Sam Champion, the weatherman, get ready to do his first weather report of the morning out on the street in front of us.

And we could see in the monitor Diane Sawyer's helpers checking that her make-up and hair were perfect and that her clothes didn't have any stray hairs or wrinkles on them.

A security guy came out with a bomb sniffing dog and checked us all out as well as the plants and trashcans outside the studio.

At about 7:30 we got to go inside and thaw out.




Then Gayle King, Oprah's bff, came in to get ready for her segment on Christmas gifts.  She came around to talk with people and signed autographs before her segment.  She was very nice.


Robin Roberts came in to do the segment with Gayle King.  We didn't end up on camera during this segment.   You can see the segment here though if you are interested (after the commercial)

During the next commercial break, Emeril Lagasse, Diane Sawyer and Sam Champion came into the studio.


See how they safety pinned her sweater in the back so that it would be nicer fitting in the front on camera.  LOL

Next it was time to film the segment with some of the cast of Ugly Betty.  It was filmed right in front of us.  I so didn't really want to be on camera.  I wanted the kids to be able to and for the flats to be seen but not me.  Think I look weird.  Here's the video of the segment.  Although, I looked weird, I did manage to get the flats and the kids on TV.  You can barely see Emily though. :(  She's too short.

Here are some pictures from the video of us.  Owners of the flats, did you see your flat on TV???  If not, here's a still of one of the times.  Can you believe Ralph Macchio is 48!!  Still looks so young.

there's Emily...finally

After this segment, Chris Cuomo came down and they got ready for Emeril's cooking segment.

Sam Champion chowing down

then he came over to us to have us check to see if he had any food stuck in his teeth before the segment started

signing autographs and joking around - these two guys are real jokers - funny, funny, funny!

a really short lady in the audience took this for me...she kind of missed though :)

I loved Diane's hose and shoes.  The lady next to me couldn't get enough of Sam's wide shoulders and narrow waist :)

chowing down again

Filming the Emeril segment.  You can see the video here You see us near the end when Chris is passing out the cookies.  I've put a few stills from the video below.  Since we're gluten intolerant we couldn't eat the cookies. :(  We passed ours on to the people behind us.

Unfortunately, I didn't get pictures of us nor the flats with these two ladies.  They had to run back upstairs to do another segment for the Christmas Day show.  I got Diane Sawyer's autograph though.

After the show ended, most people left the studio but we stayed behind to watch Emeril record another cooking segment which will be aired Christmas morning.  It was funny listening to Sam and Emeril ask each other about how their Christmas Eve went.  LOL

This is actually the second time we've met Emeril.  We saw him filming his TV show at our Whole Foods store back in Virginia.  You can see that here if you are interested.

This was one of the really cool security guys.

AWESOME, awesome morning!!!!!!

Way different experience than when we went the The Martha Stewart Show

Even better than this was our experience at the Regis & Kelly Show

Here is Ree Drummond's (aka Pioneer Woman's) account of being in front of the Good Morning America cameras.  She's so funny!